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Beijing Guanghua Times Textile & Clothing Co., Ltd.
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Beijing Guanghua Times Textile & Clothing Co., Ltd.


Beijing Guanghua Times Textile & Clothing Co., Ltd.

Company introduction

Beijing Guanghua Times Textile & Clothing Co., Ltd.is a subsidiary company of Beijing Guanghua Textile Group.We are ODM supply chain group, integrates design and R8D, material purchasing and garment processingMain products are men's and women's clothes and children's clothes of Parka / Down Jacket /Outdoor Functional Clothes / Trendy Coats / Denim Styles.Our products are mainly sold to the USA, EU, UK and Chinese Mainland marketsThe main partners are the world's top 500 enterprises and domestic listed companiesincluding INDITEX, PRIMARK, BESTSELLER,BUCKLE, SKECHERS,ANTA, TOREAD. etcThe company had established design workshops at local China and abroad:Beijing, Barcelona, Copenhagen, and Los Angeles.Also established manufacture bases in Myanmar,Bangladesh and Cambodia to meet the need forcapacity and quality requirements.

Beijing Guanghua Times Textile & Clothing Co., Ltd.. is a subsidiary of Beijing Guanghua Textile Group Co., Ltd. It was established in 2002, formerly known as Beijing Guanghua Times Textile Import and Export Co., Ltd., and changed its name to Beijing Guanghua Times Textile & Garment Co., Ltd. in 2013. The company's development has gone through three stages: the first is the OEM stage, which is the primary production, processing and export business. The second is the OEM+ODM stage. The company has independent research and development capabilities, and has successfully transformed from a foreign trade company to a customer-centric professional textile and garment company that provides value-added services to customers. The third stage is the comprehensive upgrade stage of OEM+ODM. At the beginning of 2016, Huabo Times Garment Co., Ltd. was established in Myanmar with an independent production factory. At the same time, strengthen in-depth cooperation with factories in Cambodia and Bangladesh to realize the international layout of production capacity. Established the independent brand Artfusion Ace on the sales side, and the company moved towards the road of substantiation and internationalization.

The company's main business area is modern clothing production, the main products include denim clothing products, woven pants, knitted products, shirts, cotton clothing, down jackets, functional jackets, PU jackets, etc. The company's subordinate and cooperative production units are distributed in Shandong, Henan, Jiangsu and Tianjin provinces and cities, and design studios have been established in Beijing, China, La Coruña, Spain, Copenhagen, Denmark, and Los Angeles, USA. In January 2019, its own brand Artfusion Ace was officially launched. The brand integrates the exchange of Chinese and foreign fashion design concepts and painting art, and has always been committed to introducing the Danish life concept and fashion style into China. It has been released in Beijing Fashion Week, Shanghai Fashion Week and Zhengzhou Fashion Week in succession.

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